Quality and customer experience excellence

In 2019, MTS Group adopted the Company’s development strategy for 2020–2022 towards a global digital ecosystem

The new approach envisages creating additional value for customers using our multiple services and a high degree of internal process integration. As part of this approach, a new system was developed to drive customer experience surveys and feedback analysis, covering all business areas. Customers can now leave their feedback or report a problem at any touchpoint and feel confident that we will get back to them at all times. MTS keeps the customer perspective first and uses customer satisfaction as the key internal performance metric, improving products and processes in all value chains of its ecosystem.

The Company strives to make customer communications seamless, simple and unobtrusive, to earn customers’ trust and become a true lifestyle partner for them. The introduction of personalized communications in online channels has provided an important driver in attracting new customers and maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with existing ones. Along with new technology rollouts in digital channels, MTS transforms the customer experience in traditional channels, which still have relevance for customers.