MTS FOR Shareholders

Our sustainable development strategy adds to the MTS investment case. Demonstrating transparency in sustainable development drives the Company’s share price performance and is an important consideration for investors.

In 2019, MTS Group was among the leaders of the MOEX-RSPP Responsibility & Transparency index and MOEX-RSPP Sustainability Vector indexAnnual Reports: The Experience of Leaders, 16th Annual Practical Conference. Reports as a Source of Information for Sustainability Indices. The RSPP indices are included in the international database of sustainability indices and ratings, the Reporting Exchange. The Moscow Exchange has been using these indices since 2019 to calculate eponymous stock indices which include top companies from the RSPP indices.

MTS was praised for the high quality, world-class level of its public reporting.

Maintaining strong, trust-based relations with shareholders and investors and engaging with them directly in line with applicable laws and international best practice is a top priority for MTS. The Company has an effective information disclosure systemExpert Media Holding’s sustainable development ranking. designed to meet the listing rules of the Moscow Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, and ensure transparency (NYSE: MBT, MOEX: MTSS).

In 2019, MTS’s IR teamIR – Inverstor Relations. produced over 100 press releases, blog posts and other written notices, and held over 120 meetings with leading institutional funds, including in the course of 12 international investor conferences in Moscow, New York, London and other cities.