Current Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for 2017–2020

Improving the quality of life

Improving safety for people and society

Fostering innovation

Expanding the range of customer services

MTS’s CSR system supports the achievement of these priorities through targeted projects in the social, economic and environmental areas addressing the needs of society, shareholders, MTS employees, government, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, partners and suppliers, as well as local communities. An important area of the CSR strategy is building a flexible corporate culture that fosters innovation and enables continuous improvement of our services and technology, which contributes to improving the quality of life.

Social area

MTS offers affordable and innovative services so that our customers in any region and with any income level could use the communications services they need. MTS customers use mobile apps and web resources to shop, pay public transport fares, book concert and movie tickets, manage their finances, and much more. MTS services enable people across the country to have equal opportunities for learning, development and self-realization.

In implementing our HR strategy, we observe CSR principles in respect of our employees, create a favorable environment for work and development, and thus drive labor productivity.

Our employees take an active part in social projects as employee volunteers. The goal of MTS’s employee volunteer movement is to improve the quality of life and address the most pressing social issues in our regions of operation, facilitate team building and promote a favorable work climate.

We see charity as an integral part of the Company’s CSR agenda. Our activity in this area is governed by the same principles as our social policy.


Economic area

We are committed to responsible business conduct, planning and implementing our actions so as to improve the overall social climate, reduce social tension, promote societal change and stimulate social development.

Our activities in all markets of operation strictly comply with applicable local laws and regulations.

As a major, reliable employer, MTS contributes to creating equal opportunities for people in remote areas and large regional centers alike, providing services such as mobile communications, finance management, satellite and cable TV, and Industrial Internet of Things.

We are always open to cooperation, supporting CSR initiatives of the national governments in the countries of operation, Russian federal and regional authorities, non-profit organizations, and business communities within joint social programs based on equal partnership and subject to applicable legal and other constraints.

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Environmental area

We make commitments to drive environmental sustainability within our business and create a culture of care for the environment and each other among MTS employees, customers and partners.

In our activities, we aim to minimize as much as possible our environmental footprint. In doing this, we comply with the regional environmental laws and follow responsible business practices.

We work to increase energy efficiency of our assets, use green energy alternatives and lead by example to raise awareness of the business and the public about environmental protection.