Environmental education

MTS has been traditionally running projects for employees to promote care for natural resources, use of modern technologies to minimize negative environmental impact as well as projects involving the Company employees and partners to restore vegetation and preserve natural territories.

MTS Environmental Movement

To keep employees informed and engaged, an environmental community – online space for communication between people sincerely concerned with the planet’s well-being –was launched on the Pulse corporate portal in 2019. The website regularly publishes news on events held by the Corporate Center and branches, information and education materials on environmental issues, posts useful links, and covers environmental initiatives in Russia and abroad. Over 250 permanent subscribers and active participants represent the core of the movement.

Environment Day with MTS

The Environment Day with MTS, a major environmental project, was launched in early June 2019 as part of the celebration of World Environment Day. All activities of the project focused on resource management. The Pulse portal featured a series of information materials on the subject including a unique lecture “Separate waste collection. Myths and reality”. The celebration was preceded by a creative online marathon with employee participants sharing ideas in three categories:

  • Kids Talking About the Environment
  • Reasonable MTS
  • Creativity

Over 1,500 employees from our five largest Moscow offices took part in an environmental quest and a creative workshop on making reusable bags. Mobile collection of polyethylene bags and plastic for recycling was provided during the celebration. The most active participants received valuable environmentally-friendly prizes.

Our Planet for Kids project

In the autumn of 2019, MTS in partnership with EcoCenter Zapovedniki launched a new lesson “Who an ecotourist is and why they need a smartphone” for children of the elementary and middle school age. The project is aimed at describing the role of modern technology in communication with nature. Econeshka, the main heroine of all environmental lessons by MTS, introduces young travelers to interesting and beneficial ways to spend time with nature. Exciting and creative tasks help children understand how an ecotourist differs from an ordinary traveler, how to plan a trip properly, and what should be done to prepare your smartphone for an educative and, first and foremost, safe trip.